Is Bourbon Whiskey The Best Liquor?

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Shop bourbon online, Bourbon refers to a straight whiskey made almost exclusively in Kentucky (it is not an obligation) from a mixture of cereals containing at least 51% corn. Barley, malt, and rye make up the other grains in bourbon whiskey.

Bourbon is truly an American Heritage, and its quality and craftsmanship can be traced back to the 18th century. Today, hundreds of bourbon brands claim to produce good bourbon, but what is a good bourbon whiskey? Is it about the mash bill, texture, flavor profile, or aging? The complex and rich flavor of the bourbon whiskey is easy to love. Good bourbon whiskey has rich notes of vanilla, cherry, caramel, baking spices, and oak. Shop bourbon online
Beyond the general flavors of bourbon, there are plenty of differences in the bourbon world. Wheated bourbons have appealing softness, while high rye bourbons are often grassy and spicy. Older bourbons have complex woody, savory, leathery characteristics, while younger bourbons are sweeter and fruitier. Good top-shelf bourbon whiskey is from premium ingredients and is usually rare and expensive. They are often found on the top shelf, which signifies their price point and quality.

Are Bourbon Whiskey Too Expensive?
No, good bourbon whiskey is not always expensive. There are good bourbon whiskeys around $30 that have an amazing tasting profile and are versatile enough.

What is the best Liquor?
Good bourbon whiskey has a rich and complex flavor profile. It can be enjoy neat, with ice, or as a base liquor for bourbon cocktails.
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