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We work with a network of licensed retail partners across the US. Your orders will ship from the vendor with the best price that is closest to you, in this order. Our vendors rely on various third-party courier services, you can track order in your Caskers profile.

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Shipping is $14.99 for the first bottle you order and $3 for each additional, bottle.For example, if you order 4 bottles, you will pay $14.99 shipping for the first bottle, $3 for the second bottle, $3 for the third bottle, and $3 for the fourth bottle. This amounts to $23.99 for four bottles.


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We usually require 1-5 business days to prepare your shipment. Shipping times vary according to your delivery address and availability of the ordered items. We always provide a link with order tracking that contains a delivery estimate once an order ships. If you order multiple items, they may ship separately.

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Shop bourbon online – where to buy bourbon balls near me

The world of whiskey is a complex universe. How to navigate, what is a peated whisky? The difference between a Scotch and a Bourbon? What are the different types of whisky? The stills, the distillation, the history of whisky, the lexicon. How to read the label? The different types of barrels,

How to store your bottles?

Discover our summary of the guides to orient you well: have a good trip to the land of whisky! Discover the delicious American spirit that has filled our hearts, and our glasses, to the brim. If you are tempted to get to know whiskey from all over the world.

Bourbon whiskey is the most common American version of this spirit. Today’s regulations to make bourbon are fairly strict because, in the 19th century, distillers liked to water down and adulterate the spirit, probably to save some money. In 1897, the Bottle in Bond Act forced distillers to produce each bottle during a single distillation season and at a single distillery. This helped to boost the quality of bourbon, which wasn’t the greatest before. The popularity of this American liquor skyrocketed in the mid-1900s. 

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How To Know A Good Bourbon

Bourbon must be bottled at at least 40% ABV. Finally, it must be produced in the United States. To be called “Straight Bourbon” the whiskey is matured for at least two years. Because this spirit is predominantly made from corn, it has a distinctive sweetness to it that makes it so easy to love. Explore the fascinating world of bourbon here at Bourbon Hub.






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