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Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Bourbon – Elijah Craig 18 year Old Single Barrel

Elijah craig whiskey review, Heaven Hill is releasing another superaged single-barrel version of its Elijah Craig Bourbon line with a 23-year-old limited release, now shipping to liquor stores. The expression follows on the heels of last year’s release of a 21-year-old and joins the 12-year-old Small Batch version and the high-octane Elijah Craig Barrel Proof, another 12-year-old.

APPEARANCE: Deep, dark copper color. Quick, thick legs.

NOSE: Wafts with layers of maple and honey at first blush. Then becomes exuberantly fruity with samplings of berry flavors (blackberry and raspberry, cherry).

APPEARANCE: A respectably, deep amber color that seems light in contrast to the above. Slow to give up its medium-girth legs.

NOSE: Much more of the berry fruit notes right out front, this time with a creamy nose and just a bit of the orange of a fine triple sec. A modicum of maple bouquet follows.

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