Origin of the name “Bourbon”

Where can I buy Kentucky bourbon online

Where can I buy Kentucky bourbon online, The county of Bourbon , in the state of Kentucky in the United States , produces this whiskey and gave

it its name, the origin of which is a tribute to the King of France Louis XVI , fifth king of the House of Bourbon and ally decisive of the American colonists against the English, in their fight for their independence 1. order whiskey online

Difference between bourbon and scotch

In general, bourbon differs from Scotch whiskey by a softer and at the same time thicker taste. The difference comes, for the most part, from aging in barrels that are always new, which transfer the

aromas of the wood to the bourbon fairly quickly. Scotch typically ages in used barrels for a longer period.

used bourbon casks are often found in Scotland , used to age Scotch, or in the Caribbean , for maturing old rum . Two other big differences are the raw material and the distillation, while bourbon must

Where can I buy Kentucky bourbon online

contain a regulatory minimum of 51% corn, the rest usually being rye and malted barley. Some bourbons contain wheat instead of rye. Bourbon distillation is based on a continuous flow which is 100%

exploited, while Scotch divides the distillation into three parts (the head, the heart and the tail), only the

heart of the distillation is used to make whisky, the rest being redistilled.

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